Last Day to Approve Staff/Faculty Leave and Pay, ISA and Student Payroll Online Special Pay Request, Late Staff Hourly, Late Student and Late ISA Time Sheets Due in Payroll Deadline to submit employment actions to HR and AP Changes received after this date may result in an inaccurate/late paycheck and deductions (including benefits) Student Assistant Hours Entered Online by Midnight Staff Hourly, Student, ISA, Overtime and Shift Differential Payday, 3 p.m. Deadline for reporting DOCKS and …

ACADEMIC PAYMENT SCHEDULE Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 As a Cal Poly Pomonafaculty member, you are either appointed for a semester or an academic year.

Under Import calendar, select From web. Under Link to the calendar , type the URL for the linked calendar. Under Calendar name , type the name you want to use for the calendar.

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A schedule of 14 patterns of pay period dates are used, rotating within a 28-year cycle. State officers and employees will be paid on the basis of 12, nearly equal, pay periods each year. The pay period will contain either 21 or 22 normal workdays, called a calendar month.

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