An article circulating online, claiming that Twilight Saga is continuing with Breaking Dawn Part 3, is hoax. The bogus report originated from Daily Buzz Live, a gossip parody and satirical …

Enjoy seeing the hurt the pain of the twilight Saga breaking dawn part 3 theaters August 24, 2017. breaking Dawn part 3 released on 2017.

there is no breaking dawn 3 but there is two parts to twilight. part 1 came out then next year breaking dawn part 2 is coming out, but they havent said what date the part 2is coming out

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Breaking Dawn Pt 3 — Jacob And Renesmee — November 14, 2015. Get ready Twilight Fans! The love story between Jacob and Renesmee will hit the big screen next year on November 14, 2015. And we …

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